Q: What is a Giclee? A: A Giclee (Zhee-Clay) is a precise high-resolution print. Using no screens the dynamic color range is greater then any Lithographs. Exact calculations of hue, value & density direct the ink of four nozzles producing a combination of 512 chromatic changes of highly saturated, non-toxic water-based light fast colored inks.


Q: What is a limited edition?

A: Limited Edition applies to artwork produced in a deliberately limited quantity. Each item in the edition is identical & is an original work of art. Each limited edition piece of artwork is signed & numbered. The limited size of the edition enhances the value of each piece. Each purchased piece of artwork comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” listing the works: Title, Medium, Edition Number, Year Published, Artist Signature and Raised Seal.


Q: What is an open edition?

A: An Open Edition is a series of prints in art that has an unlimited number of prints.