About My Art

Creating art is a combination of my personal feelings. My subject matter always inspires me, fulfilling my youthful aspirations and ambitions that were put on hold for over twenty-five years.

Being an artist is all-consuming. Whether cowering in an Asian rainforest, slogging through a rice paddy, hustling along an urban avenue, strolling a country lane, conversing with another person, or reflecting in solitude; inevitably, I have always been engaged in collecting, organizing, visualizing, and creating virtual paintings and dioramas.I am aware of myself as a guest in my surroundings, appreciating much of what others may take for granted, and driven to recreate my experiences, whether sensational or commonplace, so that viewers of my work may see the world as I do, portrayed more vividly than ever before.

After years of fitting time for artwork into a busy schedule, I decided to ignore “good sense,” and to devote myself entirely to what I care most about. That decision has turned out to be the wisest of my life, enabling me, finally, to fulfill my hopes and dreams.

Inspiration, excitement, and productivity are daily experiences. The subjects of my art still emerge from my memories, especially of “Vietnam”, as well as from the towns, farms, and seascapes of Long Island, and from the villages, forests, lakes, and mountains of upstate New York. It is my ultimate goal to reflect in my art, the beauty of all that surrounds me.