“Hot LZ” ( Landing Zone)…..
                          This diorama is an depiction of a eye witness account by the artist…

                         Vietnam , 1967- Troopers from the 1st of the 7th - 1st Car Cavalry Division landing onto a
                          hot LZ (LZ X-Ray). While fanning out to set up a defensive perimeter,  the troopers are
                          ambushed by VC (Viet Cong) & NVA ( North Vietnamese Army) members and start taking
                          causalities. Depicted in the center is the American commander calling in artillery and air strikes
                          on the enemies position while a trooper pops “Yellow Smoke” from a smoke grenade to warn
                          incoming Huey helicopters of the “Hot LZ” status.. A Huey lands and troopers jump off, and the
                          bodies of dead soldiers (in body bags) are placed on that Huey, while the wounded are cared for,
                         an arriving Huey is hit by a RPG (Rocket Powered Grenade) explodes, killing all aboard…….