What is a Diorama?  

Dioramas are three-dimensional scenic displays which depicts historical or non-historical events. The subject matters vary, it could be a Christmas display under the tree, to a Seascape, from the Dinosaurs to Outer Space, from the Siege of Troy to the Gulf War. The point is: there is no limit.


In all of my Dioramas hours of research and construction have gone into it’s making to assure accuracy down to the smallest detail.


Landscapes, buildings, structures and foliage are created completely by scratch to re-create events in history into believable works of art.


All figures, vehicles, planes, boats, etc. are in 1:35 scale, 1:43 scale and 1:87 scales. Some are hand molded, all are hand painted. I can utilize a wide range of subject matter to build you a custom diorama which will be one of a kind and of a museum quality finish.