Sales / Shipping Information

Q: Do you have originals for sale?

A: Yes, some of my originals are for sale. Please contact me for price quotes.

Q: How long does it take to produce and ship each order?

A: It will take up to 2 weeks to produce the order and another 7 to 10 business days for shipping. I currently used UPS or FEDEX ground. Next-day & 2nd day shipping is also available. All shipping costs are additional and will be included in the total price of the purchase.

Q: How can I pay for artwork I order from your site?

A: I take American Express, Visa & MasterCard, Personal Checks and PayPal.

(For purchases, please submit a form on my contact page with the title and size of the artwork you would like to buy and then using paypal, provide a 50% deposit. Upon completion you will be notified, payment is due in full including shipping and extra charges (such as sizes etc.), before product is shipped.


Q: What is a Giclee?

A: A Giclee (Zhee-Clay) is a precise high-resolution print. Using no screens the dynamic color range is greater then any Lithographs. Exact calculations of hue, value & density direct the ink of four nozzles producing a combination of 512 chromatic changes of highly saturated, non-toxic water-based light fast colored inks.

Q: What is a limited edition?

A: Limited Edition applies to artwork produced in a deliberately limited quantity. Each item in the edition is identical & is an original work of art. Each limited edition piece of artwork is signed & numbered. The limited size of the edition enhances the value of each piece. Each purchased piece of artwork comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” listing the works: Title, Medium, Edition Number, Year Published, Artist Signature and Raised Seal.

Q: What is an open edition?

A: An Open Edition is a series of prints in art that has an unlimited number of prints.

Custom / Sizes

Q: Can you custom make any size in a Giclee?

A: Standard Giclee size is: 11” X 15”, Matt size is 13” X 18”, Frame size is 21” X 28”. Existing prices are listed. The matt color is of your own choice. The standard frame is made from cherry wood. Custom sizes are available on prints, matting and framing. Pricing will be adjusted per custom order. I will come as close as possible to your requested size. Contact me for pricing on all custom orders.

Q: How large can you print?

A: The maximum that can be printed are: Photorag 31” X 43”, Watercolor Paper 31” X 43”, Canvas 40” X 79”

Q: Can you personalize the art for someone else?

A: I can personalize any piece purchased. Please be clear on the spelling & salutation you would like me to use.